Our Approach

We believe that fundamentally sound nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, even if developed in small steps, can have a deep impact and lead to successfully achieving a wide range of goals. On the contrary, what is generally conceived of as conventional dieting offers a very limited spectrum of benefits, none of them long-term.

We have created an easy, step-by-step program designed to achieve long-term quality results. This journey is organized around the following goals:

Personal goals and good habits Health targets Performance improvement
  • Permanent weight loss;
  • Body composition change;
  • Stress-free maintenance;
  • Getting rid of bad sugar cravings;
  • Focus on fundamental and positive carbs (yes, you can eat carbs!)
  • Keeping eating and meal preparation enjoyable: healthy eating does not need to be boring!
  • Self-discipline made easy: our personal online diary will make logging and reporting simple and entertaining while providing assistance and motivation.
  • Blood sugar stabilization;
  • Addressing Cholesterol and Triglycerides concerns;
  • Balancing good fats with protein and fiber;
  • Mood stabilization;
  • Living a stress free life, improving mental resolve.
  • Motivation and teamwork stimulation;
  • Constant action to modify intake of carbs, proteins, fats and minerals;
  • Achieve the appropriate nutritional and fitness balance to meet short- and medium-term goals.