Note: special offers and discounted rates available for veterans, UF students and employees, Santa FE College students and employees, members of FIT FOR LIFE Fitness Center and Coach K Fitness, and low-income families.

In-person coaching Full rate Discounted rate
First assessment meeting (or online consultation). 1 1/2 hour session.
This session will include: learning about your personal history, tracking your past and present fitness activity, weight and body measurements collection, body composition evaluation, noting food habits. Assessment evaluation and customized program development.
$80 $45
First follow-up meeting. 1 hour session.
Presentation of the developed nutrition plan and strategies. Discussion of plan of action and guidance including recommended fitness activity to reach desired outcome goals.
$60 $35
Bi-weekly follow-up meetings. 30 minutes session.
Correct, modify, and confirm nutrition plan and strategies. Collect measurements, noting improvements and troubleshooting strategies. Monitoring of fitness activity.
$50 $30
Remote coaching Full rate Discounted rate
This option requires a three-month commitment, and includes the following:

  • A plan developed around your time availability.
  • Weekly check-ins giving you support, building accountability, and providing you with actionable advice for you to the take the next steps as you become ready.
  • Food journal submission. Weekly review, advice, and suggestions.
  • Follow up email dialogue based on your weekly check-in, providing support or clarifications.
  • Actionable advice that builds with time to help you towards your goals.
  • Coaching and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want.
  • Constant troubleshooting activity.
  • Convenient and easy to read handouts, recipes, links to more information that will help build your long term habits toward a healthier lifestyle.
$60 monthly $35 monthly