Kids & Teens


Kids and teens are today busier than ever due to their hectic schedules, at school and outside. They enjoy less family time, with less adult oversight on their physical activity level and on the quality of their nutrition. In more and more families both parents are at work for a large part of the day, and are therefore unable to properly assist the development of their kids and teenagers. The result is that, too often, kids consume meals that provide them with a lot of calories but little nutrients. Combined with the long hours spent in front of computers or TV sets, both for work and entertainment, this leads to negative consequences on their health and fitness levels.

As a specialist in kids’ and teens’ nutrition, and as the mother of a young girl and a teen ager, Ilaria Niccolini has a special, personal commitment towards this important area of the services offered by our office. Every individual situation will be analyzed with extreme attention, evaluated with care and handled in a plain and straightforward way. We aim to make our work with parents and kids become a fun and entertaining collaboration, based on immediate and direct dialog, reciprocal trust, and a shared desire to reach effective results, without pressure or negative judgment.